Women’s Initiatives

executive-women-tammyAs the world’s premier executive coaching organization, Fostering Executive Leadership actively works to promote the mission of fostering a legacy of leaders for both women and men.  In addition, we leverage the power of executive women in private and public business to expand the impact and influence of women leaders.

Dr. Tammy Wong, author of the book The Hourglass Effect, wrote about her core belief that more women in significant and visible leadership roles will yield better business performance and strengthen economic health in our communities. As an executive coaching firm founded by Dr. Wong, our mission is to foster the advancement of women to top leadership positions. Fostering Executive Leadership understands the importance women play by serving on boards and in executive leadership positions. Our mission is to educate, connect and encourage accomplished and high potential women with the goal on increasing the number of women serving in Executive Suites. 

We coach women on how to navigate the business frontier, not just by supporting them with ‘what’ needs to be done, but the ‘how’, with the uniqueness of the individual’s current environment, role, personality, and political environment.

Approaching “leadership” strategically is a learned skill. Forward-looking organizations pro-actively seek ways of advancing the leadership capacities of women they promote from senior to executive leadership positions.  Fostering Executive Leadership helps identify and re-frame the barriers to advancement to deal with strategic competency, leadership and influencing styles in the organization and strategic partnering and systemic thinking to move the organization forward.

Today more than ever, both established and emerging women leaders have unique and diverse personal needs as well as business needs within the organizations in which they serve.   Fostering Executive Leadership specifically supports and enhances women’s leadership capacities and broadens their critical understanding on issues of importance to today’s leaders.  Learning how to implement what is pertinent to advancing competitiveness in rising to the top echelons of responsibility in the private and public sectors is our focus.

Building upon Dr. Tammy Wong’s executive coaching philosophy shared by her coaches, we are powerfully positioned to provide leadership development to women like no other coaching organization.